The Foundation of Good Health

HEALTH is an IMPORTANT aspect of our LIFE…Being HEALTHY is often seen as a GIFT…But how many of us are really aware of the TRUE DEFINITION of BEING HEALTHY 🙂

Today, I share with you some facts & realities associated with HEALTH…JOIN me as we LEARN some meaningful CONNECTS…

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Preamble to the Constitution of the World Health Organization, 1946

Physical – Mental – Social well-being of a PERSON Essentials of HEALTH.jpg HEALTH TRIANGLE  

These three essentials when in COMPLETE BALANCE contribute to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE…and so it is mandatory for each one of us to keep a CLOSE watch on our BODY – MIND – SOUL…If we are aiming towards a HEALTHIER TOMORROW 🙂

Sharing with you the age old SECRET of LIFESTYLE MEDICINE…The definition is self explanatory…Foundation of HealthWithout a doubt…We can now say that our ancestors were well aware of HEALTHY LIFESTYLE…But sadly, we have messed up the EQUATIONS…and are now heading towards SICKNESS & SORROW 😦

Now that you are CLEAR on the REALITY that RIGHT NOURISHMENT is one of the essentials to GOOD HEALTH…Do you feel connected to the words…

“We are what we Eat?”

Time and again we have heard these words…I ask you to pause…and think as to “How many times have we heard or read this statement? “…and as you set your mind to thinking…just question yourself on the reality of this fact…“Do  you believe in it?

The Foods we eat and Lifestyle Choices we make – Both play a role in our well being !!!Lifestyle.jpgEverything we EAT & DRINK directly affects our body…So it is important that we make wise choices 🙂


A Balanced Diet is the FIRST & FOREMOST requirement for a HEALTHIER TOMORROW. Specific vitamins and minerals are a MUST for the body’s proper growth, repair and maintenance. Nutrient-rich diets provide us with all the necessary nutrients we need to stay HEALTHY & FIT 🙂Healthy SaladsScientific evidence too clearly supports that only when we eat a Balanced Diet (one that gives our body the nutrients it needs to function correctly) will we be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle – Energetic and lively.

A well balanced diet is also the BEST way to achieve your ideal weight – look Good and feel Great. Hence,we can rightly conclude that a well-balanced diet is a MUST if you are looking at staying HEALTHY & FIT.Balanced Meals.jpgOn the other hand…Junk diets only add to STRESS in the long run…Because our body is deprived of essentials Vitamins & Minerals when intake of fast food is more…Also DIETS are not the OPTION when it comes to losing weight…One must never restore to instant diets…coz the damage is irreversible 😦 FOOD EATING DINING DIET FAT OBESITY HEALTHSKIP THE DIETS…and EAT HEALTHY… Let this be the MANTRA of your LIFE when it comes to EATING HEALTHY 🙂

To EAT Healthy is not that difficult – Awareness of the RIGHT FOODS leads to RIGHT CHOICES – Making it easier for us to stay Healthy & Enjoy Life…in the REAL SENSE 🙂

We are what we “EAT” – proves to be TRUE 🙂Skip Diets - Eat HealthyHEALTH MANTRA ❤

So what does what really need to EAT and how to connect Eating Right to our Healthy Eating Goal ???  – Here is a CONNECT that will help you STAY FOCUSED on your Healthy Lifestyle Goal 🙂 Always look at the word “EAT” – You have your answer right there.

EAT – The words simply mean “Energy And Tasty”EAT - Energy & Taste.jpgHEALTH CONNECT ❤ 🙂 ❤

We often focus so much on the Taste that we totally ignore the Energy aspect of EATING. Bring back your focus to the foods that provide you with ENERGY (a perfect balance of Nutrients) and not just empty calories (the ones we get from eating junk & aerated drinks) and you are all set on the track of a Healthy Lifestyle.Eat Right - Stay Healthy.jpg

Never forget that HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is just a CONNECT away..and I say this with confidence that is 100% possible to get foods that are both loaded with Energy & Tasty 🙂

Awareness and Right choices on our part will go a long way in helping us achieve our health goals for our family & loved ones as well…Always recall these words…should you find yourself making WRONG CHOICES…



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